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We have been learning all about angles in Room 8 and now know all of the different types. We also learned how to measure and draw angles using our protractors, and have been working very well in our maths groups every day. 

Here is a very catchy song that we loved about angles:
We used matchsticks to form right, acute, obtuse, straight and reflex angles.

Since we had so much fun at the maths fair, we have started doing maths activities on Friday. Last week our activities focused on angles. We played Alien Angles on the whiteboard which can be found here (and is good for practicing estimating the size of angles), used our lovely new blocks, played Angle Birds and used protractors to measure the angles in our names.

Green Halloween

Today we had our Green Halloween fashion show. We were able to strut our stuff on the catwalk and show the rest of the school the costumes that we worked so hard on. The results were amazing! 
Well done to all the children who came up with such fantastically creative ideas and made such wonderful looking costumes. A big thank-you also to everyone who helped at home. Here are a few pictures to enjoy. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Our Sugar Skull Art

We did some lovely art last week after learning about the Aztecs in Mexico. 
We talked about the Day of the Dead and had fun painting our very own sugar skulls.

Maths Week

Last week was Maths week and we had lots of fun. There was a maths fair in our school and we got to try lots of different things. 
We practiced using calculators, target boards and counting sticks. We built things using different kind of blocks and worked out some tricky tangrams! We also loved coding the mouse and helping him find his way to his cheese! 

World War 1

In September, we learned all about World War 1. We talked about it a lot and had fun in drama making news reports about life in the trenches. We then each made a project about World War 1 and presented our wonderful work to the class. One website that we found very helpful was this. Have a look at what we did!


Welcome to all the girls in Room 8 and welcome to our class blog!
We are settling into fifth class very well so far and have many exciting things planned for the year ahead. We look forward to sharing this with you. In our blog, we will write about and share pictures of the interesting things we are learning about in school.